Additional Specializations

In addition to my work with artists, I also do a lot of work with senior citizens and new parents. I’m a certified Pregnant Pauses teacher as well.

I’ve seen parents who are struggling with getting to the floor to play with their children, mothers who are out of balance due to carrying a child more on one side than another and many other demands that small children can make.

Through my work with the Feldenkrais Foundation, I’ve had the opportunity to teach in quite a few senior centers and it is a joy. I’m currently at the Y in Washington Heights/Inwood but I’ve also been at 92nd St Y, Dorot, Lenox Hill Neighborhood Center, Stanley Isaac Center, West 74th St. Residence and the Lincoln Square Senior Center.

I taught an Awareness Through Movement class series for HANY (Hemophilia Association of NY.)

I’m also very interested in working with Caregivers and the people for whom they are caring. I’ve spent some time with this population and I can see how much they could use the kind of quiet that a Feldenkrais lesson can inspire.




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